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Orthodox Christians fix the date to celebrate Easter on the basis of the Julian, not the Gregorian, calendar, which leads to the fact that Orthodox Easter comes, in most years, later than that of western denominations (in some years more than a month later).

Easter celebrations in Cyprus are a mixture of solemnity and joy, typical for the Mediterranean mentality. After all, Easter is another way to welcome the Summer!

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Cyprus is home of maybe the longest and sunniest summers in the Mediterranean Sea.

Ayia Napa, with its beautiful beaches and the numerous opportunities for entertainment, recreation and new experiences, is the ideal place to enjoy these summers for families, couples and single travelers.

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Pentecost, the Holiday 50 days after (Orthodox) Easter, is celebrated in Cyprus in a unique way, as “Kataklismōs” (The Flood). It is an ancient Cypriot custom to worship the sea and everything related to it.

During three days somewhere in June, Ayia Napa offers markets with traditional products and handicrafts, open air food stalls, amusements, musical performances, fireworks, water related sports and competitions and much more, all unfolding around the picturesque fishing harbor of the resort.

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The main church of Ayia Napa is dedicated to the Nativity of the Virgin, which is celebrated on the 8th of September every year.

In the old Cypriot tradition, the celebration of the patron saint of a town or village is marked by a market and a variety of performances and activities on the main square, next to the church.

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For over 30 years now, Ayia Napa puts on its annual cultural festival on the last weekend in September with a multitude of events, such as concerts, dance performances, exhibitions, markets, traditional food etc etc..

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This newest festival in Ayia Napa, but still more than ten years old, is held in the second week of October, offering parades on the main street as well as exhibitions, concerts and other performances in the courtyard of the ancient monastery in the centre of our town.

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Don’t forget that in Ayia Napa the Summer lasts until November or even longer! And this at usually much lower prices than in the high season!

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